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Hot Water Heaters
Vaughn has created a niche market in the water heater industry, due to its product’s unequaled reputation for longevity, reliability, and innovation.
Hot water heaters today are extremely energy efficient. Vaughn’s water heaters have an unequaled history of performance – tens of thousands of heaters over 25 years old – that comes from one simple concept: Hydrastone lining. Hydrastone is a ˝” thick, seamless layer of specifically engineered cement lining that coats the entire surface of the inner tank protecting it from the corrosive effects of water. Click on Stoney to learn the unique manner in which Hydrastone works. But all you really need to know is that over the years, no other water heater has lasted longer, or proven to be more reliable than our Hydrastone lined tanks. That is why Consumer Digest chose Vaughn as the “Rolls Royce of water heaters”.
Hot Water Heaters

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Rheem is a partner with ENERGY STAR®. Products with the ENERGY STAR® label are the most energy efficient choices you can make as a consumer. Products awarded the ENERGY STAR® label significantly enhance energy savings while providing a healthy environment. By participating in the ENERGY STAR®, Rheem is helping to differentiate between standard-efficiency and high-efficiency products. Using these products helps you save money on your utility bills and works to protect the environment by conserving energy. Some models only qualify in certain matched systems. When you buy an ENERGY STAR® labeled products from Rheem, you are acquiring a product that is in the top 25% for efficiency. Depending on the age of your existing equipment, you can save from 15%-40% on your utility bills by choosing an ENERGY STAR® qualified product from Rheem.