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Buderus boilers are ideal replacements for virtually any make or model oil, natural gas, or propane boiler.

Conventional Heating Systems leave your home too hot or too cold
Conventional residential heating systems lack the subtlety and sophistication to keep your home at a desired temperature. They function at only the most basic level—ON or OFF. Conventional heating systems turn on only when house temperatures drop (as much as 7°) below the thermostat setting, and the house becomes uncomfortably cool. When the boiler starts, it heats and circulates water at only one temperature — typically 170° to 180° F and keeps heating and circulating this high temperature water until the thermostat signals it to stop. After the boiler shuts down, the temperature in the house continues to rise — often well above desired levels— until the water in the pipes cools. This wastes expensive heating fuel and makes the house uncomfortably warm. Intelligent Heating Produces More Comfortable Room Temperatures

M. J. Zeno Plumbing & Heating, LLC

Mike was invited to visit the plant in Germany May 2008 and had an awesome learning experience and realized that this product is superior in energy efficiency compared to others.